Andrea Wadsworth
203 Mill Street, Ste 3
Grass Valley, CA 95945

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Trainings are offered for those who wish to deepen their process in a particular area of study. These will be year-long programs meeting 4-6 times within the year. Dates will be published in advance and a commitment to the year must be made prior to participation.

·         The Seers Journey – a group exploration of visionary states and psychic ability, including Divination techniques

·         Shamanic Journey and Power Objects - This class teaches fundamental Shamanic Journey skills and how to create Shamanic tools

·         Shamanic Cranial Sacral - Employs the Seers and Shamans vision in the Cranial Sacral process

·         Ritual and Visionary art (daylong and weekend retreats)


Mentoring is for the client or student that has a trusted relationship with me and wants to deepen his or her own personal process. Mentoring is a private, one-on-one work. Mentoring is about finding your true gifts and bringing them forward to fruition, regardless of where you have been.



You were born with a gift, bring it forward!

Nepalese Shaman Ram

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